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the sloth gut

note: S.O.S. does not provide medical advice please read and have your animal evaluated by a licensed professional 


transfaunation FAQ (by anecdotal experiences)

transfaunation delivery methods

  • gelatin capsules filled with crushed fecal placed into grapes- successful

  • mixed with critical care herbivore via tube - successful

  • gel diet, not successful

  • pumpkin, not successful

  • sweet potato, not successful 

  • mortar and pestle ground down

  • slurry of feces, water and banana mash and syringed into mouth with a catheter tipped syringe

  • critical Care or slurry mixtures with ground feces directly into animal's g-tube

length of treatment time

  • 2 grams of feces/kg of sloth for two weeks (if possible start in conjunction with medications that may kill the gut microbiota.) 

transferring feces to facilities

  • needs to be transferred within a day and non-frozen

  • donor fecal should be healthy, pelleted fecal that has been freshly collected 

Have transfaunation protocols that have worked for you? Please consider sharing the information with S.O.S and we will add to our page to help others. Use the 'Contact' form on this page. Thanks! 

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