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Hoffmann's two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni), also known as the northern two-toed sloth


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about us

The Science of Sloths (SoS) is comprised of professionals that are dedicated to the welfare of sloths in human care. We noticed that it was very difficult for professionals to find good, proven information that would improve the lives of sloths. The information that is available, is often behind paywalls or fragmented within professional organizations and limited to those with memberships.

Through a social media group a community was created of 1200+ sloth professionals from around the world to exchange information.

The group

is comprised of researchers, husbandry curators, professional animal keepers, rehabilitators in home countries, and veterinarians. We hope the SoS webpage will act as an extension and archive for the information shared in that group and be a resource for FAQ, welfare and provide evidence-based scientific research. 

SoS operates under the Educated Zookeeper, LLC a professional organization dedicated to enhancing animal care by creating networking opportunities for zookeepers through workshops, tours, and informal receptions. SoS. is funded through the Educated Zookeeper, LLC, donations and

crowd sourcing campaigns. 

We are proud to support sloth care worldwide! 

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