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consultations & beyond

The cost of service is dependent on the scope of the project but consultations start at $800.00 USD and can range up to $5000.00 USD plus lodging/travel costs as needed. 




Interim Husbandry Roles & Transitional Support

Flexible terms and contractual help available to support temporary husbandry needs. Interim curatorial roles including assistance in developing protocols and company wide initiatives such as behavior programs. Assistance also available to help develop job descriptions and hiring new positions.  

Exhibit Builds & Renovation & Collection Planning

Whether you are opening a new aviary or experiencing difficulties managing a current aviary, it may be beneficial to reach out for consultative services. 

For many years, I have enjoyed finding innovative solutions to multi-factorial problems like those that often exist in free-flight aviaries. I offer assistance to organizations delving into new builds by helping teams tackle management decisions such as species selection, exhibit features or planning day to day husbandry.

Behavior Consultation

Common problems addressed through consultative services include moving animals to/from exhibit easily, removing ill animals, the inability to retrieve offspring, and interpreting social behavior to prevent premature deaths. Consultative services may also include  behavior and collection planning. 

Free-flighted aviaries, particularly those with a variety of species can improve the exhibit experience by immersing guests into dynamic environments. At times, these compelling exhibits may also increase management challenges.



Brandan, vice president of visitor experience

“Her knowledge and expertise gave us all the confidence we needed in pursing the experience we desired for the animals, and for our visitors.”

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