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Workshop Experience

Interested in providing opportunities for your team?


Workshops provide a welcoming environment for learning and open discussion. cost.

In-person workshop experience. $350.00 per hour plus travel and lodging.  unlimited participants. two-hour minimum  

Virtual workshop experience. $950.00+ flat fee. 100 participant maximum. two+ hours

--> discounts for multiple workshops available <-- 

COVID-19 UPDATE: in-person workshops may be rescheduled due to the pandemic. virtual workshops are currently available

Current Workshop

Developing Behavior-Based Management Strategies to Improve Husbandry

Managing the complex behaviors of animals successfully in zoo settings can be difficult. Identifying the motivation of animal behavior broadly at the species level, and more intimately, as individuals, provides the foundation for successful management. This informal discussion will combine an understanding of evolutionary based behavior, operant conditioning, considerations of natural history and outside influences as well as their resulting strategies.

Examples and a framework will be presented and an opportunity will exist for those interested to  introduce their own scenarios for group discussion.

The Benefits of Recall Training in a Free-flight Aviary  

Many modern avian exhibits are free- flights, host a number of species and provide guests a walk-through experience. This workshop will share innovative solutions to manage the diverse husbandry needs in these exhibits through trained recall behaviors. Workshop participants are taught how to use cues to target the collection to accomplish a variety of husbandry goals. This ability to recall can be instrumental in facilitating daily inventory, shifting, reproduction, and flock management for many avian species.

The unique morphology and husbandry of two-toed sloths (Choloepus didactylus)

This workshop will focus on natural history, social interactions, morphological considerations and sloth husbandry. Topics include safe handling techniques, non-invasive ways to encourage and discourage movement, identifying animals as individuals, protocols for hand-rearing, digestion and diet. Material will include best practices.



We had the best experience with our in person Sloth School workshop! Deb had so much amazing information to share and was very responsive to all of our questions. The hands on part was very helpful in case of emergencies. I felt that the workshop was well suited for any sloth caretaker who wants to do the very best for their animals! Would highly recommend this engaging course! Deb has become a resource that has already proven time and time again to be amazing!


I attended a seminar by Deb Dial on husbandry of two toed sloths and acquired invaluable information on sloth handling and infant care. The knowledge and skills I have learned through this seminar have been exceptionally useful in my work and shared with colleagues. Her guidance regarding emergency handling procedure is extremely memorable and practical, and has allowed me to ensure the safety of animal keepers and animals during critical situations. I am grateful for Deb Dial’s unique and valuable insight on sloth management, and I highly recommend her expertise for all who may be interested.

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