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sloth school

Sloth School focuses on natural history, social interactions, morphological considerations and two-toed sloth husbandry.

Topics include safe handling techniques, non-invasive ways to encourage and discourage movement, identifying animals as individuals, sexing, protocols for hand-rearing, diet, digestion, introductions and more.

Material also includes best husbandry practices.

All workshops are facilitated by Deb Dial unless otherwise stated. 

Interested in providing opportunities for your team?


Workshops provide a welcoming environment for learning and open discussion.



Onsite workshop experience. $350.00 per hour plus travel and lodging.  unlimited participants. two-hour minimum  

Virtual workshop experience. $950.00+ flat fee. 100 participant maximum. two+ hours

--> discounts for multiple workshops available <-- 


COVID-19 UPDATE: in-person workshops may be rescheduled due to the pandemic. virtual workshops are currently available

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