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Mark Kenward

Mark Kenward is a zoo keeper in the position of Zoo Animal Manager with a UK Zoological Collection and is Co-chair for the Small Mammal Sub-group within British zoos and has been working in zoos throughout the UK for the past 27 years.


Mark has worked with a wide range of species in his career primarily focussing on primates but his life long passion and dedication has been with Xenarthra and more specifically sloths and giant anteaters. Mark is also the creator of the global, professional Facebook group P.A.X Keepers and has jointly planned and hosted two international P.A.X Conferences.


Mark has also been instrumental within industry public speaking to raise awareness of the conservation needs for P.A.X species, raising over £4.500 for Pygmy sloth, Giant Armadillos and Pangolins. In 2017 Mark successfully hand-reared an orphaned female two fingered sloth and integrated her back into an independent pairing. Now Mark spend much of his time supporting zoos through the UK and Europe with the care and management of Xenarthra species.

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